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  • BONUS: CRF Contest!

    A bit of material from the cutting room floor this week including an argument about bridge crossing that leads us to declare a spur of the moment contest! If anyone […]

  • Odanodan: Harmonia Arc Episode 17 – CSI Syberma

    Welcome back! Our adventurers get a rest and then interrogate the villagers in the City of Walled Death, Syberma. THey go sleuthing around to uncover the mystery of the wall […]

  • BONUS: Leveling Up

    Welcome back. In this bonus episode the players level up before the next episode and chat about where they are. Enjoy! Download Follow the podcast! Follow the players! […]

  • Odanodan: Harmonia Arc Episode 16 – To the City of Walled Death

    Welcome back! Our adventurers depart from the people on the road towards the City of Walled Death. Hopefully they meet a monster on the way. Will they? Will they make […]

  • BONUS: Prize Ideas and Leveling

    Welcome back. We talk about potential prizes for contest winners and Ari and Pan do a little leveling prior to episode 16. Koin us! Download Play in new window […]

  • Odanodan: Harmonia Arc Episode 15 – Escape the City!

    Welcome back. In this episode our team has to escape the city whose governor they just killed. Good times! Will they? They better, or else how will they learn about […]

  • BONUS: Leveling and Languages

    Welcome back. Enjoy this bit of pre-roll from episode 15! Download Play in new window | Download

  • Odanodan: Harmonia Arc Episode 14 – Fight!

    Welcome back! In this episode, we fight. We fight the guards. We fight the governor. We fight the guards. We fight the governor. We fight. Enjoy! Download Episode 14 Follow […]

  • BONUS: Wholly Wally

    Hello again! Our DM catches up on her siblings activities and talks about Wholly Wally. Download Follow the podcast! Follow the players! Debrah is at Rico is […]

  • Odanodan: Harmonia Arc Episode 13 – Trap Door

    Welcome back! In this exciting episode Lux, Ari, and Gelly go sneaking around…stealthily. They return to the trap door and attempt to gain access. Ari tries to flatten himself like […]