Restoration of the Twelve Olympians Arc Episode 113 – The Fall of the Trident King

In an epic showdown that will go down in podcast history, our intrepid adventurers face the might of Poseidon himself! Neith, with the Sickle of Chronos in hand, strikes with the fury of the storm, but it’s Gelsira’s unexpected transformation that turns the tide. As a giant eagle, she soars high—only to plummet as an elephant, crushing the god beneath her weighty form.

Poseidon, pinned and at the mercy of our heroes, meets his fate as Zatoichi, the ever-thirsty blade, quenches its thirst with divine essence. The god’s limbs, severed and spiraling, infuse the scythe with a new form of moonlight, marking another step towards the ultimate confrontation on Olympus.

As the halls of the castle echo with the remnants of battle and the golden foam of a god’s demise, our heroes stand at the precipice of destiny. With only one deity left to challenge, the path to Olympus beckons. Tune in as Some Would Play journeys deeper into the myth, where glory and peril dance hand in hand.

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