Restoration of the Twelve Olympians Arc Episode 110 – Claws, Crabs, and Cosmic Cuts

In this heart-pounding episode of Some Would Play, our intrepid adventurers find themselves entangled in the tentacles of high-stakes combat beneath the waves. With Neith pinned down by the crushing embrace of a monstrous crab, the team rallies to her aid amidst the chaos of Poseidon’s castle. Gelsira, transformed into a formidable blue whale, leads a daring escape from a kraken’s clutches only to face the labyrinthine corridors of the sea god’s domain.

As they navigate through a bewildering maze of doors, the party faces the ultimate test of their cunning and strength. With the sickle of Chronos in hand, Neith fights to free herself from the crab’s deadly grip, while Ari deftly maneuvers to strike at the heart of their aquatic foes. Meanwhile, Gelsira summons an army of bears, turning the tide of battle with her wild magic. But with Poseidon’s true form hidden within a swirling vortex, will our heroes be able to seize the trident and claim victory over the god of the sea?

Tune in to this thrilling chapter of Some Would Play, where every decision could be the difference between triumph and disaster in the depths of Poseidon’s watery realm.

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