Restoration of the Twelve Olympians Arc Episode 109 – Stairway to Confusion

In the latest mind-bending episode of Some Would Play, our intrepid adventurers face the perplexing enigma of Poseidon’s castle. The team encounters a labyrinth of doors that challenge their perception of space and reality. As they ascend through a series of shell, coral, and rock portals, they grapple with their own reflections and the disorienting sight of their own backs, leading to a crescendo of confusion and the crumbling of doors behind them.

With each choice presenting a new corridor and the haunting echo of ocean waves, the heroes must rely on their wits and intuition to navigate the ever-shifting architecture. The episode culminates in a climactic revelation that leaves them at a crossroads, eight stories high with no more doors, only stairways veering left and right, and the weight of their next decision hanging in the balance.

Will they ascend to confront the god of the sea, or will the castle’s enigmatic design lead them astray? Tune in to witness the cunning, the chaos, and the camaraderie of Some Would Play as they delve deeper into the domain of divinity.

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