Restoration of the Twelve Olympians Arc Episode 108 – Swallowed by the Storm: A Whale of a Plan

In this tempest-tossed episode of Some Would Play, our intrepid adventurers concoct a plan as wild as the sea itself. With the wrath of Poseidon churning the waters into a frenzy, they seek to penetrate the depths of his pocket dimension. The stakes are high, as they prepare to face the aquatic deity in his own domain, armed with the sickle of Kronos, now imbued with the essence of the gods.

Before embarking on their perilous journey, the team indulges in a Hero’s Feast, bolstering their spirits and fortifying their bodies against poison, disease, and fear. With wisdom saving throws at the ready and hit points maximized, they are a force to be reckoned with.

The plan? A transformation most extraordinary—becoming jellyfish to navigate the crushing pressure of the ocean’s abyss. But not before they secure their noble steeds in a cave, ensuring their safety with makeshift torches and a rowboat-turned-trough of fresh water. The group debates the merits of their aquatic forms, considering the challenges of communicating and manipulating the environment as gelatinous drifters of the deep.

As they ready themselves to swim out to sea, a question lingers: can they truly rely on the magic of shape-shifting to see them through? Will the gods’ favor and a dash of ingenuity be enough to bring down the might of Poseidon? Dive in and hold your breath for a tale of strategy, sorcery, and the surreal—a journey where the only certainty is the unpredictability of the ocean’s call.

Tune in for a saga of courage, creativity, and a touch of chaos in the latest episode of Some Would Play.

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