Restoration of the Twelve Olympians Arc Episode 107 – Unveiling the Sun God’s Secret

In this gripping episode of Some Would Play, our valiant adventurers face the daunting task of infiltrating Apollo’s volcanic pocket dimension. With Hermes now an ally, they concoct a daring plan to confront the Sun God in the abyssal depths of Hades’ realm. As they gear up, Neith secures a prayer wheel, unlocking the power to regenerate, while Ari wields a hydra tooth capable of dissolving the strongest barriers. The group’s strategy takes an ingenious turn as they contemplate using Ari’s Cube of Force to traverse the molten lake, with Gelsira’s elemental form scouting the path ahead.

The stakes are raised when the clerics unveil pieces of the fallen hero Martell’s armor, hinting at an epic side quest to resurrect their comrade-in-arms. Amidst the chaos, the alchemist’s shop erupts with explosive experimentation, and Dolos reveals the loss of their direct route to Olympus. But hope is far from extinguished, as the team’s resolve hardens like cooled lava, and they prepare to dine with destiny before the forthcoming celestial showdown.

Will their intricate plan withstand the heat, or will they find themselves over their heads in a river of fire? Join us for a tale of cunning, courage, and culinary delights in this latest episode of Some Would Play.

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