Restoration of the Twelve Olympians Arc Episode 106 – The Messenger’s Map and a New Path

In this pivotal episode of Some Would Play, tensions rise and alliances teeter on the edge as our intrepid heroes navigate the treacherous waters of godly politics. With the Royal Hunting Grounds as their backdrop, they encounter the swift and cunning Hermes and engage in a high-stakes negotiation. As the team unveils their grand scheme to overthrow Zeus, they must convince Hermes to abandon his duties as the messenger god and join their cause. With clever persuasion and the unveiling of a magical map, they manage to coax from Hermes the secrets of the gods’ hidden pockets. But will this newfound knowledge and Hermes’s allegiance be enough to outmaneuver the divine powers that be?

Amidst this game of celestial chess, Gelsira taps into her wild shape abilities with chaotic results, while Perry, the laid-back arch druid, offers both guidance and a touch of humor. The episode climaxes with a bold move that could shift the balance of power in their favor, leaving listeners on the edge of their seats. Will the team’s audacious plan succeed, or will they fall prey to the wrath of Olympus? Tune in to a tale of cunning, speed, and the delicate dance of diplomacy, where every choice could be the difference between ascension and annihilation.

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