Restoration of the Twelve Olympians Arc Episode 104 – The Map’s Golden Glow

In this mesmerizing installment of Some Would Play, our heroes grapple with the moral intricacies of god-slaying and the potential for diplomacy. After a successful takedown of Artemis, they ponder the efficacy of seduction over slaughter, weighing Kronos’s power against the need for allies. With a newly acquired, magically infused map guiding them to the royal hunting grounds, suspicions arise that Hermes may be their next target—or ally. Amidst the scheming, Neith hones her archery skills with a divine touch, while Ari navigates the shadowy dealings of the warlock guild. The team’s debate on tactics leads them to consult Dolos, seeking insight into the gods’ hideaways. As they stand at the crossroads of vengeance and virtue, one thing is clear—no matter the path chosen, Olympus is in for a storm. Tune in for a tale of strategy, wit, and the occasional fireball.

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