Restoration of the Twelve Olympians Arc Episode 105 – From Mead Hall to Magical Realm

In the pre-dawn glow of anticipation, our intrepid adventurers find themselves at the cusp of the mystical Royal Hunting Grounds. After a night of revelry and a test of strength that saw Ari bested by the towering Oletta Battleborn, they are roused from slumber, their bellies filled with the hearty offerings of the barbarian guild. With the taste of victory still lingering, they ready themselves for the journey ahead.

As the first rays of sunlight threaten to crest the mountain peaks, the party, alongside the enigmatic Dolos, make haste toward the vine-entwined gateway. The air shimmers with magic as the door creaks open, revealing the verdant expanse that awaits within. With a final clasp of forearms and a toast of coffee raised to their hosts, they step through the threshold, leaving behind the raucous camaraderie for the serene and unknown dangers of the hunt.

Will they find the celestial beings they seek? Can they navigate the perils of this pocket dimension unscathed? And what secrets does the Royal Hunting Grounds hold for those bold enough to enter? Join us as we delve into the heart of the wild in this latest episode of Some Would Play.

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