Restoration of the Twelve Olympians Arc Episode 103 – The Sickle’s Crescent Triumph

In a stunning turn of events, the team faces off against Artemis herself in a realm tearing at the seams. With the Sickle of Chronos in hand, Neith delivers strikes that slice through the very fabric of reality, weakening the goddess with each hit. Amidst the chaos, Ari unleashes a flurry of blows and a stunning strike, while Gelsira summons her healing powers to keep the team alive. But it’s Electo who delivers the final, gruesome blow, severing Artemis’s head and sealing the fate of the pocket realm.

As the Elysian Fields crumble, raining down brimstone and fire, the team makes a mad dash for safety, looting Artemis’s powerful weapons on their way out. The door to the once serene land is shut forever, leaving behind a trail of destruction and the echoes of a thousand woodland creatures. A somber victory, tainted with the price of divine power.

Back at Kronos’s farm, the team must grapple with the weight of their actions. They’ve done the unthinkable—they’ve slain a god. Tune in to witness the aftermath of this epic battle and the consequences that await our heroes in the latest episode of Some Would Play.

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